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Chapter 2: Towers of Southend
Leigh Art Trail 2023

Have you ever noticed the secret towers dotted along Southend seafront? How many can you spot along the open top bus route?

The Southend City Sourcebook is an ongoing project to sketch and hand-stitch the overlooked quirks of our local architecture.

Slowly embroidered artworks are presented as the long lost pages of an imagined, rediscovered book and framed like museum artefacts. I love the idea that these fragments of our built environment are like the individual ingredients you’d need to remake these places, or if you jumbled them together, you could build something else entirely.

This second chapter of the project focused on the towers and turrets appended to the corners of so many of our local buildings. I love the playful abstraction of separating them from the buildings they belong to, like whimsical isolated follies, magical towers with their own stories.

I also showed an exclusive new collection of one-off experimental piecework collages called Discomfort Blankets.

This exhibition ran from 8th till 16th July 2023.

More images available on my instagram.

Leigh Art Trail: Video
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