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The Southend City Sourcebook, Chapter 3.

The Southend City Sourcebook is an ongoing project to sketch and hand stitch the overlooked quirks of our local architecture.

Slowly embroidered artworks are presented as the long lost illustrations of an imagined, rediscovered book.

This third chapter of the project is an exploration of the depth and detail of colour in the local vernacular, with a playful use of scale and negative space.

Recently, I’ve been pushing my practice towards explorations of heavier detail, studying the way the light and shade falls on the building materials of local landmarks, and celebrating the way white weatherboard is never just white, or the hundreds of different shades of red you see when you look closely at the outside of an old phonebox.

I’m thrilled to be exhibiting at Dressmaker Fabrics this year, and for them to now be an official Leigh Art Trail venue. I’ve been a customer of theirs since before I even started embroidery - The Dressmaker even made my wedding dress. Dressmaker Fabrics is venue number 26 on the 2024 art trail.

I’ll be there on Saturday 6th and 13th July, so please stop by to say hello.

More details and opening times on the Leigh Art Trail website.

Follow me on instagram to stay up to date and see previews of my work.

View my Leigh Art Trail 2024 price list. 

Leigh Art Trail: Video
Leigh Art Trail: Pro Gallery
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