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An installation by Lauren Stranks at the Clifftown Telephone Museum - one of the world's smallest museums.

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We Got Cut Off is the first Leigh Art Trail artist takeover of the Clifftown Telephone Museum.

My work is on display from 21st October until 25th November 2023.

Located on the corner of Capel Terrace and Alexandra Road in Southend, the Clifftown Museum is an original K6 red telephone box, repurposed as a tiny cultural treasure (with an audio introduction from Dame Helen Mirren). 

For the month We Got Cut Off is installed in the phone box, visitors can read extracts from my personal diary, written during the last days of my dad’s life and reproduced exclusively for this exhibit onto fabric, and see my Discomfort Blankets, a series of framed, hand stitched collages.

Visitors to the phone box are invited to call or text a special phone number (visible only when seeing the work in person) to leave a voicemail message to someone no longer with us. 

Together, we'll be transforming the phone box into a memory box, or perhaps a confessional booth, but also restoring its original purpose; letting you contact someone you'd go out of the way to speak to, someone you'd wait your turn for, find the right spare change for.  Someone you hope will pick up. 

If there’s something you wished you’d had a chance to say to someone before they were gone, or something you wish they knew or could know now, this is your chance.

Messages submitted to the phone line will be collected and used to create the next phase of this artwork.

Your phone number and details will not be stored or reproduced, but the messages left may be anonymously reproduced, used and displayed for the purposes of this project. Follow me on instagram for further developments of this work, and contact me if you have any questions.

Telephone box: About

Alexandra Road, Southend on Sea, SS1 1EX

A 6 minute walk from Southend Central train station.

More information on the Visit Southend website. 

Telephone box: Contact
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