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In celebration of a local landmark

At some point when it's safe to do so, I'll be curating an exhibition at 70 The Broadway.

'Over & over' will explore the collaborative, collective connections our local creative community has to a specific landmark.

The railway footbridge connecting Leigh-on-sea's Cliff Gardens to the waterside cinder path is an unelaborate, but geometrically pleasing piece of civil engineering. Captured, studied, celebrated and repeatedly reinterpreted by artists up and down the Essex coast, it features in endless artworks of every medium.

Sweeping over the tracks from a somewhat neglected former pleasure garden to the Thames Estuary and Old Leigh, the current Cliff Bridge - also known fondly as the white bridge, curly bridge, or Gypsy Bridge - rises over the water at high tide, winding around the remains of a Victorian bathing pool and above the busy C2C train line to and from London. 

'Over & over' seeks to celebrate, discuss and discover what it is that the people of Leigh hold so dear about this bridge - be it the estuary view from the top, the blustery approach from the waterside, the faded 1880s marker stone, now serving as a memorial to the original bridge (which led day-trippers to a substantial bathing platform), or the 1960s structure itself, stretching out like a Modernist tendril from the Victorian and Edwardian conservation areas above.

Applications to enter open soon, with more information to follow.

Email me or send me a message on instagram for more information.

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